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Gold’s Gym At Home Workouts – Routine 1 : Upper Body Strengthening – Chest Shoulder Triceps

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Routine 1 of Gold’s Gym 15 minute workout is a workout session that focuses on the upper body and is called the Upper Body Chest Shoulder And Triceps Workout. The exercises are quite simple to follow and go up to 12 counts. We start with warm up exercise which is followed by workout specifically for the upper body like shoulder, chest and triceps. The workout ends with cooling down and stretching exercises.

The Gold’s Gym ‘Get Fit 15 minute At Home Workout’ series is a special workout programme to help people lose weight and tone their body with minimum props.The focus in each of these routines is to slowly and gradually strength and tone various parts of your body on different days and hence achieve total body fitness!!

Its mainly designed for those who don’t find time to get to the gym but can still invest 15min a day to exercise with some basic gym equipments at home like dumbbells, swissball and get their bodies energized and back in shape!!

Gold’s Gym is the largest international gym chain in the world recognized for its passion, unique heritage, and experience as the final authority in fitness and lifestyle.

As you perform these exercises there are certain thumb rules that you should remember. Stop when you feel uneasy and sip water whenever necessary.
Once you get used to the workout, You can increase the counts for each exercise gradually, if you want to get more intense results with your workouts.

So It’s time to give up on petty reasons and start working out!!! It will take you just 15 min daily to Stay fit and live healthy!

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