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JJ VIRGIN: Busting Fish Myths with Jeff More

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JJ Virgin interviews fish guru Jeff More, who discusses ideal and not-so-ideal options to reduce mercury and make the best fish choices. Discussing the radiation leak at Fukushima, he says he’s heard people say we shouldn’t buy seafood from Japan.” Okay, we don’t. As a matter of fact, Japan is one of the biggest customers of our domestic seafood supply”, Jeff replies, pointing out one big myth that should be busted.

Another myth is that you can’t buy fish from the Gulf after the oil spill. Jeff testified: “…they’ve been treating it and it has dissipated and the toxins are not evident in that fish”. JJ discusses how we now know that whatever were the bad sources they were contained. Jeff notes “The Gulf is a good choice of seafood and domestic is a good choice for us because we’re all in the game to responsibly fish and make it sustainable and natural.” JJ and Jeff talk about the necessity of solid information so that people don’t miss the health benefits of Omega 3’s and fish, which fish to avoid. Jeff unveiled what his Top 5 Favorite Fish are.
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