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JJ Virgin: Dining Out

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I’m going to share with you how easy is to stay on the program while dining out. In fact, it makes it even easier to eat healthy at a restaurant. You’re going to know exactly what you should be eating and you’re not going to have those seconds staring you right in the face. Start with a salad with mixed field greens, romaine, spinach or kale. Add lean protein, like chicken, salmon, shrimp and healthy fats from olive oil dressing, avocado or nuts, and low carbs like black beans or guacamole. Order your lean protein and non-starchy veggies grilled, poached, baked or broiled.
For an appetizer, grab a vegetable like grilled asparagus, or hummus and crudités. Next, double up. Two appetizers as your main course provides better portion control than one gigantic entrée. If you get an entrée, take half home, or share it with your dining partner. Look at the menu to get ideas; it’s a guide, not an ultimatum. Maybe you want wild salmon in olive oil instead of the sticky soy glaze. Double up on non-starchy vegetables. Since I like people to have five or ten non-starchy veggie servings a day, look at that restaurant meal as your opportunity to load it on up!
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