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JJ VIRGIN: My Favorite Tips on How to Lose Weight Fast, as well as Fat!

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Today’s show is part two of my favorite tips on how to lose weight fast, and more importantly, not just weight, but fat. You want to lose weight fast because we know that people who lose weight fast actually lose more weight, and that weight loss becomes permanent.

• I want you to get fifty grams or more of fiber a day. Get it from beans, berries, chia seeds, or a product I have from The Virgin Diet called Extra Fiber you can sneak into your shakes.

• Stop snacking. If you eat good, high quality meals the Virgin Diet way with slow low carbs loaded with fiber, lots of non-starchy vegetables, healthy fats, and clean lean protein, you should be able to go four to six hours before you need to eat again. You want to be snacking on your stored body fat!

• One of the single most effective things you can do to improve your digestion is to slow down; another thing that can help are enzymes to aid with protein and fat digestion.

• You really need to track your water, a good rule eighty to one hundred ounces a day.

• One thing that will make the biggest difference in weight and health? Sleep. Find out how many hours are right for you, and make sure you get that on a regular basis. Remember, one poor night of sleep, and you’re more insulin resistant, and you can’t access stored fat. Your ghrelin is higher, you’re hungrier, you’re craving sugar, and you’re tired.

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