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Natural Health Reviews – Poison Ivy

Introducing National Nutrition’s newest Youtube series “Natural Health Reviews”. We sit down with Naturopathic Doctor Jonathan Beatty, as he talks about a very annoying wild plant, Poison Ivy. He shares some facts about the plant, the symptoms and some ways you can both deal with the problem and how to prevent it in the future.

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Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac are a family of plants found all over North America, most commonly in wooded areas. These plants all produce urushiol, a sap or resin that causes an allergic reaction or contact dermatitis when it comes in contact with skin. This results in severe itching and an often painful rash. Some individuals are more sensitive than others. 15-30% of the population will have no reaction, while a small percentage of the population can have an anaphylactic episode, following exposure. With repeated exposure, the reaction is often more severe. The rash can be caused by having direct exposure to urushiol or having indirect contact with it. The typical rash will develop within a few hours to one week following exposure and the rash can last anywhere from one to four weeks…

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