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Weight Loss Resistance

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On today’s show on weight loss resistance, I’m going to explain what weight loss resistance is and the seven factors of weight loss resistance that can make it hard, if not flat-out impossible, for you to lose the weight. This could be due to the simple fact that you’ve treating your body like a bank account and hopelessly counting calories rather than seeing it as the chemistry lab that it is. If you’re listening to this and you haven’t done the Virgin Diet yet, that’s step one. I’m going to go through the seven factors with you: thyroid fatigue, insulin and leptin resistance, elevated cortisol, stress, poor sleep and toxicity.
Understand that if you’re toxic, it’s going to slow down your metabolism and make you hold on to fat. It’s a major hormone disruptor, so it can make you have thyroid problems. It can make you more insulin resistant and can make you have sex hormone imbalances. We know that stress and aging lower stomach acid that can lead to food intolerance. I’ve given you some basic ways to self-identify if some of these issues could be creating weight loss resistance for you, and I’ve also included a comprehensive assessment with today’s show transcript. You can get these free by texting 58885 and entering W-L-R, your first name and your email address.


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